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About Our Office

Our Dental Office in Cerritos, CA

At Dentist of Cerritos, our mission is to provide our patients with the highest levels of dental and orthodontic care.

We know every situation, no matter how common it seems, needs to be treated with our utmost attention and expertise in order to deliver the personalized care we are known for.

Patients leave our office knowing their oral health is in good hands, and hopefully, with a smile on their faces too.

What Makes Our Team Dental Experts?

Dr. Omid earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from the University of Southern California (USC) – one of the highest ranked dental programs in the country. He has extensive knowledge, training and experience in orthodontics as well as general, cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Committed to providing patients of all ages with the greatest dental care, he emphasizes continuing education and utilizes the most modern dental technology, tools and practices.

It’s no accident that Dentist of Cerritos is one of the leading dental offices in the Los Angeles area. Our head dentist, Dr. Omid, leads the way.

Our Dentist Office Cerritos CA
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How Do We Deliver Exceptional Service?

At Dentist of Cerritos, quality service and patient satisfaction are at the core of everything we do. It is our belief that no patient should settle when it comes to their dentist.

Cutting Edge Dental Technology

By leveraging the latest dental technology, we are able to provide patients with the highest quality dental care and provide them with better overall dental experiences.

Patient Education

While it is important that patients see a dentist twice regularly, as dentists, it is our job to equip you with the information you need when we are not around.

Our dentists show patients ways to prevent issues from reoccurring or happening in the first place. Whether it is how to help children create good oral care routines or how to take care of an orthodontic appliance, we empower patients to take pride in their oral wellbeing.

Service with Heart

We are here for you. That may mean an emergency or evening appointment or a few words of encouragement to keep up a new routine. Our team works together to combine high-end care and exceptional customer service.

What Payment Options are Available?

Dentist of Cerritos goes over costs and insurance coverage in detail before we ever do a single procedure. We also have flexible payment options for our patients.

Why Choose Us?

Our expertise and dedication to patient satisfaction continues to set us apart. At Dentist of Cerritos, we help you achieve and maintain the healthy smile you’ve always wanted.

Trust Dentist of Cerritos with Your Oral Health Today!

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