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Why Choose Us Cerritos CA

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Dentist of Cerritos in Cerritos, CA?

Dentist of Cerritos is committed to offering cost-effective dental services and procedures to California residents. We will partner with you from start to finish to make sure you receive the highest quality oral healthcare in a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere. At Dentist of Cerritos, Dr. Omid takes the time to design a tailored approach to your wellbeing and address any concerns or questions you may have.

What Dental Services Does Dentist of Cerritos Provide?

Dentist of Cerritos provides a host of dental services. For example, our California dentist office offers dental implants, dental bridges, composite fillings, dentures, dental crowns, orthodontics, periodontics, teeth whitening, and more. We are an inclusive dentist office trained to meet and exceed your expectations with the latest dental techniques and technologies.

What Dental Technologies Does Dentist of Cerritos Use?

At Dentist of Cerritos, Dr. Omid uses innovative dental technology to provide a modern approach to dental care. Our precise dental technologies enable us to render personalized care, advanced diagnostics, and safe and effective procedures. We utilize digital x-rays, intraoral photos, laser dentistry, and more.

Why Choose Us at Dentist of Cerritos CA
Why Choose Us in Cerritos CA

What Days and Times Does Dentist of Cerritos Offer Appointments?

Dentist of Cerritos is known for its flexible appointment times. Sometimes we can even work in patients on the same day! We also know how uncomfortable dental emergencies can be, and we prioritize patients who have them. Our friendly staff ensures that you are comfortable while receiving the care and help you need.

Is Dental Care from Dentist of Cerritos Affordable?

We accept many dental insurance plans that often help pay for dental services. In addition, Dentist of Cerritos offers affordable dental care with flexible financing and easy payment plans. Dr. Omid firmly believes that everyone has the right to cost-effective dental care, and Dentist of Cerritos does its best to meet you where you are at.

How Old Are the Patients Seen at Dentist of Cerritos?

Dentist of Cerritos is a family dentist, meaning we see patients of all ages. Young children and adults can benefit from Dr. Omid’s expert dental services. For example, Dentist of Cerritos offers pediatric dentistry, family dentistry, and emergency dentistry. Despite your age or stage in life, Dentist of Cerritos can help you boost your oral health and have the beautiful smile you have always wanted!

How Can I Find Out More About Dentist of Cerritos in Cerritos, CA?

Dentist of Cerritos maintains an active social media presence, and you can find out more about us by following us on Facebook and Instagram! In addition, head over to Yelp to read the reviews left by our satisfied patients. We also have a blog here on this website where you can learn about the latest dental tips, tricks, and techniques.

Do You Have a Question for Dentist of Cerritos?

Dentist of Cerritos is here to answer your questions and concerns! To get the help you need or make your initial consultation appointment at Dentist of Cerritos, simply contact us or call (562) 414-5064.


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