Air Abrasion Cerritos CA

Air Abrasion

Air Abrasion Cerritos, CA

It’s important to treat tooth decay as soon as it’s discovered to prevent it from getting worse. You need to get the decay removed and the cavity filled right away.

Air abrasion is an innovative, drill-less technology used to treat early-stage cavities. It’s quieter and less invasive than traditional treatments and we’re proud to offer it as an option here at Dentist of Cerritos!

What Is Air Abrasion Treatment?

This newer treatment for tooth decay uses a thin stream of particles to gently and safely get rid of decay. The instrument resembles a mini-sandblaster and uses particles made from silica, baking soda, or an aluminum oxide mixture to wear away the decay. The propellant is either compressed air or gas.

The pieces of decay and the stream of particles are suctioned out of the mouth with a suction tube during treatment. The other teeth are protected with either a rubber dam or protective resin. The patient must also wear protective eyewear to prevent eye irritation.

Once the decay has been removed using the air abrasion treatment, the cavities can be filled as normal using composite fillings. Multiple teeth can be treated in one visit with air abrasion.

When Is Air Abrasion Treatment Used?

This treatment can only be used to remove early-stage decay from teeth. It can’t be used to treat deep cavities or prepare teeth for crowns, inlays, and other advanced treatments.

When you make an appointment for a consultation with a doctor at our Cerritos office, the doctor will examine your teeth and determine if air abrasion treatment is an option for treating your cavities. If so, you can make an appointment for the treatment after your consultation or begin treatment. If air abrasion treatment is not recommended, the doctor will explain why it’s not appropriate and what your treatment options are.

Air Abrasion Cerritos CA
Air Abrasion in Cerritos CA

What Are the Advantages of Air Abrasion Treatment?

Air abrasion treatment has a lot of advantages over traditional drilling. There’s no vibration, heat, or pressure. It reduces the need for anesthesia on shallow cavities. There is also a lower risk of chipping or cracking the affected tooth.

One of the best advantages of air abrasion treatment is noise reduction. The air abrasion machine is much quieter than the traditional dentist’s drill, which makes it helpful for patients who have an issue with the drill’s noise.

More of the healthy tooth is also left behind than with traditional drilling. It’s also a simpler procedure.

What Are the Disadvantages of Air Abrasion Treatment?

Again, it can only be used for early-stage cavities. Deep cavities or those that go near the pulp of the tooth aren’t suitable for air abrasion treatment. It also can’t be used to remove enamel or on cavities in between the teeth. You may still need an anesthetic because the procedure isn’t entirely pain-free.

The eyes and the rest of your face must be protected from the particles used in air abrasion treatment, as there is a risk of irritation. Finally, removing decay with air abrasion may take longer than removing it with a drill, leading to longer appointments.

How Much Does Air Abrasion Treatment Cost?

Air abrasion treatment is comparable in cost to traditional drilling. The cost varies based on the extent of the treatment and what portion of it your insurance will cover. When you come into our Cerritos dentist office for a consultation, the staff will go over the costs with you and discuss payment options.

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