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Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extractions Cerritos, CA

Your Cerritos dentist would love to help you keep all of your teeth for your lifetime. Sometimes, though, it’s just not possible. Due to deep dental decay, trauma, gum disease, or other issues, a tooth extraction in Cerritos may be your only option. Thankfully, your dental team can keep you comfortable throughout the process by utilizing modern extraction techniques and technology.

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is the process of safely removing a tooth. If the tooth is not impacted, we can often remove it relatively quickly with a pair of forceps. However, in some cases, a surgical extraction is necessary.

At Dentist of Cerritos, we handle all kinds of exactions – from simple extractions to surgical extractions, including wisdom teeth and impacted teeth.

Do Tooth Extractions Hurt?

Tooth extractions may sound scary, but they don’t have to be. In fact, using our modern technologies and sedation options, they can be relatively painless. If anything, you are more likely to feel a little pain and soreness after the procedure, but this can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers.

Our skilled, compassionate team will work to make sure you feel at ease during the process, and we will check in with you regularly to make sure you are comfortable.

Why Are Tooth Extractions in Cerritos Performed?

Extraction procedures are performed for a variety of reasons including:

  • A tooth is severely damaged (broken at the gum line or cracked in half vertically)
  • Dental decay is so extensive that it not only reached the pulp chamber but there would be hardly any tooth structure left if we removed the decay (this makes the tooth unrestorable)
  • Removing a healthy tooth or teeth to make room for other teeth or to be able to adequately straighten crooked teeth
  • Severe gum disease has resulted in little to no bone left to support the tooth
  • Impacted wisdom teeth are damaging adjacent teeth
Tooth Extraction in Cerritos CA
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cerritos CA

What Are Impacted Teeth?

Impacted teeth are teeth that never fully erupt. They stay below the gum line in the jaw.

Sometimes this doesn’t cause any issues. But other times, these impacted teeth can cause pain in the jawbone, jaw joints, adjacent teeth, and gum tissue. Additionally, impacted teeth can start to shift over time, damaging adjacent teeth and even resulting in the loss of the roots or damaging the pulp tissue.

What Are Simple Tooth Extractions?

A simple extraction is one that is performed on a tooth that is not impacted. All we need to do in these cases is numb the area and use forceps to gently pull the tooth out. Self-dissolving sutures are put into place to help the wound heal.

What Are Surgical Extractions?

Surgical extractions are typically performed on impacted teeth. Special care needs to be taken to open up and remove some surrounding tissue in order to safely and gently remove the tooth. Surgical extractions might also be necessary in cases of severe decay, infection, or fracture. Appropriate anesthesia – and possibly sedation – will be used to make sure the patient is comfortable and pain-free.

What Is the Recovery Process Like After an Extraction?

After the tooth has been removed, self-dissolving sutures are placed, and you’ll be instructed to bite down on some gauze to help stop any bleeding.

Your Cerritos dentist will provide specific post-op instructions to you regarding how to care for the extraction site and your oral health after your extraction.

You may also need to take antibiotics to avoid infection. Be sure to take all the medicine as prescribed to avoid complications.

Will You Feel Pain During Recovery?

It isn’t uncommon to experience some discomfort, minor pain, and some swelling after an extraction. Over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medications can help if you are medically cleared to take them.

Any discomfort you experience should subside after a few days. It takes approximately two weeks to fully heal from an extraction.

If you experience any excessive bleeding or pain, please contact your Cerritos dentist right away.

Tooth Extractions Cerritos CA
Tooth Extractions Cerritos CA

How Much Do Tooth Extractions in Cerritos Cost?

The price for a tooth extraction can run between $75 and $300 or more. The cost depends on the type of extraction needed and whether sedation is required.

Whether your insurance pays for the extraction and sedation depends on the type of plan you have. You may have a co-payment, as well as a deductible to pay. Additionally, if you’ve reached your annual maximum, you’ll be responsible for whatever costs exceed that amount.

Be sure to talk to our team about financing and payment options.

What Are Your Options for Replacing an Extracted Tooth?

Once a tooth has been extracted, ideally it should be restored.

There are multiple ways to replace a missing tooth.

  • Dental implant: An implant is a titanium screw that’s surgically placed into the jawbone. A crown is put on top of the implant. The implant looks, feels, and functions like a natural tooth. Plus, since you have a prosthetic root anchoring the jawbone in place, you don’t have to worry about bone loss.
  • Partial denture: A removable partial denture is made up of a metal and acrylic framework that supports a fake tooth or teeth. The partial has clasps that fit around the adjacent teeth to support it. It’s a lower-cost option but it doesn’t last as long as an implant and doesn’t prevent bone loss.
  • Fixed bridge: A fixed bridge is made up of two abutment crowns fused to a fake tooth (pontic). The crowns fit onto the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. The bridge is solid and secure and more affordable than an implant. Some drawbacks are that it takes some time to clean around and under the bridge, and it doesn’t prevent bone loss.
Tooth Extractions Cerritos CA
Tooth Extractions Cerritos CA

Why Restore a Missing Tooth?

Aesthetics is a big reason why so many people invest in replacing a missing tooth. They want to feel confident when they smile. Another reason to restore a missing tooth is that it contributes to better oral health. If a missing tooth isn’t replaced, the adjacent teeth will shift to fill the space. This causes two problems.

First, when teeth shift, it causes changes to your bite. Occlusal misalignment strains the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the head and neck. It puts added pressure on the jaw joints. The result is chronic facial, neck, and shoulder pain, as well as regular headaches. You might also experience difficulty chewing, making it hard to eat nutrient-dense foods.

Second, as your bite changes, more pressure is put upon certain teeth. The added pressure can result in cracked, chipped, or fractured teeth. It may even result in the need for more extractions.

Feeling Anxious About an Extraction? We Can Help!

We understand why so many people experience anxiety around the idea of getting a tooth extraction in Cerritos. However, getting an extraction doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Our caring, compassionate team is ready, willing, and able to make every appointment – including an extraction – a comfortable one. Additionally, we will ensure that you are fully numb and, if you prefer, sedated for the procedure.

We welcome you to schedule a consultation to discuss your treatment plan and any concerns you have about your upcoming appointments.

Worried You Might Need a Tooth Extraction in Cerritos?

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