Oral Surgery Cerritos CA

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery Cerritos, CA

Dentist of Cerritos carefully performs oral surgery when needed. Oral surgery is used to remedy any issues concerning the mouth, teeth, and gums. Though the reasons for oral surgery vary, Dr. Omid Barkhordar goes to great lengths to ensure each patient is comfortable and pain-free. He offers a variety of sedation options so you can have your smile restored with optimal comfort!

What is the Definition of Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery refers to a specialty within the field of dentistry. It involves a variety of surgical procedures focused on the facial features and oral cavity. For example, oral surgery can address issues with the jawbone in addition to the teeth and gums.

Why Might I Need Oral Surgery from Dentist of Cerritos?

Oral surgery is used for several reasons and ranges in complexity. For example, it can be used to pull a decayed or dying tooth, or it can be used to place a dental implant. Other issues that can require oral surgery include the following:

    How Does Dentist of Cerritos Determine if I Need Oral Surgery?

    At your appointment with Dentist of Cerritos, Dr. Omid will determine the cause of your pain or discomfort. He will perform a thorough oral examination and take x-rays as needed, then discuss your treatment options with you. If this includes oral surgery, he will take the time to explain what to expect.

    Oral Surgery Cerritos CA
    Oral Surgery in Cerritos CA

    What Can I Expect During and After Oral Surgery?

    During oral surgery, the surrounding tissue will be numbed. If needed, Dr. Omid will provide several sedation options to help make you comfortable. These include oral sedation, general anesthesia, and nitrous oxide. Afterward, some discomfort and swelling are completely normal, and it should improve within several days. However, it can take several weeks and sometimes a month for the soft tissue to fully heal.

    What Else Can I Do to Minimize Discomfort and Promote Healing?

    Over-the-counter medications can be taken as needed to help minimize discomfort. If Dr. Omid has given you any other medications, taking those will help, too. Applying an ice pack for 10 minutes at a time can control any facial swelling as well. In addition, you can promote the healing process through rest, eating soft foods, not smoking or drinking through a straw, and gingerly rinsing the mouth out with warm saltwater.

    What if I am Still in Pain Several Days After Oral Surgery?

    If your pain does not subside within several days and persists or worsens, call Dentist of Cerritos right away. Dr. Omid will make sure there are no complications, such as an infection. Dentist of Cerritos is here to help you heal as comfortably and quickly as possible.

    How Much Does Oral Surgery at Dentist of Cerritos Cost?

    The cost of oral surgery at Dentist of Cerritos can vary greatly and depends on the type of surgery performed. For example, oral surgery may range between several hundred dollars or thousands of dollars. However, some dental insurance plans cover as much as 50% or more of the cost. In addition, Dentist of Cerritos provides California residents with affordable dental care, so do not hesitate to contact us!

    Are You a Good Candidate for Oral Surgery at Dentist of Cerritos?

    Oral surgeons at Dentist of Cerritos can help you restore your oral health. Make a consultation appointment today to find out if you are a good candidate for oral surgery by contacting us or calling (562) 414-5064!


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