Multiple Teeth Implants Cerritos CA

Multiple-Teeth Implants

Multiple-Teeth Implants Cerritos, CA

Dental implants are considered by many to be the best option for replacing one or more missing teeth. There are three parts: an implant (or screw), artificial teeth and abutments.

An implant is surgically inserted into the jaw, acting as your new tooth root. An abutment is then screwed into the implant, allowing the artificial tooth to connect.

Conventionally, one implant is used to replace one tooth (single tooth implant), but this dental implant method is not the best solution for patients missing most of all of their teeth or for those who cannot afford to pay for each implant.

This is where multiple teeth implants come in.

What Are Multiple Teeth Implants?

Multiple teeth implants are a solution for replacing multiple lost teeth. Unlike alternatives like removable partial dentures or fixed bridges, multiple tooth implants look, feel and function very closely to natural teeth and do not depend on the support of your adjacent teeth.

Unlike single tooth implants, there isn’t one implant for one prosthetic tooth. Multiple teeth implants can replace several teeth or entire arches in the mouth with few implants.

What Types of Multiple Teeth Implants Are Available?

Multiple Teeth Implants Cerritos CA
Multiple Teeth Implants in Cerritos CA

What Are the Benefits of Multiple Teeth Implants?

Dental implants are extremely popular for teeth replacement. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Stability and durability: Multiple teeth implants are a long-term solution for patients with several or more missing teeth. They have a high success rate (97%) and don’t require the same maintenance as dentures and bridges that are not implanted.
  • Gold standard of care: Dental implants provide patients with biting power, comfort, and confidence.
  • Surrounding teeth are preserved: Dental implants don’t damage and destroy your adjacent natural teeth like other methods would.
  • Easy and convenient: Dental implants don’t require any extra care and can be treated like natural teeth. All you need is a good dental home care routine.

What Is the Procedure for Getting Multiple Teeth Implants?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to a dental implant procedure, it is case by case. At Dentist of Cerritos we walk patients through every step, making sure they understand what is happening and are comfortable with the process.

Patients first come in for a consultation to determine the right plan. Next comes the surgical insertion of the dental implant, which is a minor surgery. Lastly, you will heal and recover which can take up to six months, and then your permanent implants will be placed.

How Much Do Multiple Teeth Implants Cost?

The cost of dental implants is determined by individual case. It depends on how many dental implants are used, if extractions are required or if other preparatory procedures are necessary.

Insurance plans cover multiple teeth implants differently, but it is important to remember that this is a wonderful investment in yourself and your future. We also offer flexible payment options and work with patients to ensure they have access to the dental care they need.

Multiple Teeth Implants Dentistry Cerritos CA

Interested in Multiple Teeth Implants?

Don’t live with missing teeth that make you avoid laughing and don’t live with dentures that slip and slide. If you have missing teeth, Dentist of Cerritos can help you feel like yourself again with multiple teeth implants.

You Deserve a Healthy, Beautiful Smile!

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