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Braces and Invisalign® aligners can help you achieve an award-winning smile. However, retainers are what help you maintain it. After orthodontic treatment, sometimes teeth want to shift and revert back to their old position. Retainers from Dentist of Cerritos can help you retain your progress and keep your new smile intact.

What is the Purpose of a Retainer?

A retainer is used to keep the teeth aligned after they are repositioned. However, if an individual needs minimal help in straightening their smile, retainers may be used to correct their teeth. Other times, orthodontists have patients use retainers after oral surgery for an extreme underbite or overbite.

What Are the Specific Benefits of Having a Retainer?

In addition to helping you maintain your beautiful smile, retainers have other benefits. Sometimes they can help individuals who struggle with sleep apnea. This is because they help align the mouth, which in turn helps individuals to breathe better. Retainers also promote better oral health overall. This is because retainers tend to increase saliva production, which reduces the amount of plaque buildup and contributes to oral health.

Is it Necessary for Me to Have a Retainer?

Retainers are necessary for maintaining the orthodontic progress you have made. Once braces or Invisalign® aligners are removed, it still takes several months for the tissue and bone to completely stabilize. During this time, a retainer can keep your teeth from pulling out of alignment and damaging your newly acquired smile. Wearing a retainer faithfully can prevent the need for additional orthodontic treatment and let the bone and soft tissue adjust to the newly aligned teeth.

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Different Retainer Types in Cerritos CA

How Long Must I Wear My Retainer from Dentist of Cerritos?

Retainers are typically worn the first year after orthodontic treatment. After that, they are usually worn each night. Dentist of Cerritos will help you know how long you need to wear your retainer to achieve the best results and preserve your smile.

Are All Retainers Removable?

Some retainers are removable, whereas others are not. Removable retainers can easily be taken in and out of the mouth. However, retainers can also remain in place. A bonded retainer, also referred to as a permanent retainer, is constructed of a wire attached to the teeth. Because they are not easily removable, they are more difficult to keep clean. They can also make eating and flossing more tedious.

What is the Best Way for Me to Keep My Retainer from Dentist of Cerritos Clean?

Removable retainers are easier to keep clean than permanent retainers. If your retainer is removable, you can brush it using a gentle liquid soap. You can also soak it in some antibacterial mouthwash. However, brushing your teeth regularly and using a floss threader are two of the best ways to keep your permanent retainer clean and plaque and tartar at bay. It is also important to remember your dental cleanings at Dentist of Cerritos!

How Much Do Retainers from Dentist of Cerritos Cost?

Retainers from Dentist of Cerritos vary in cost. The cost is dependent on several factors, such as if an individual has dental insurance, the type of retainer used, and whether it is needed for one or both arches. On average, retainers can be between $150 and $800. However, Dentist of Cerritos is committed to providing optimal oral care and orthodontic treatments at affordable prices. We offer easy financing and payment plans to help you get and keep your new smile!

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