Restorative Dental Treatments Cerritos CA

Restorative Dental Treatments

Restorative Dental Treatments Cerritos, CA

In an ideal world, we would be able to stop all tooth decay before it started, and no one would ever injure or crack a tooth. Unfortunately, as dental professionals, we spend a lot of time restoring injured, missing, and damaged teeth. Dentist of Cerritos offers a wide variety of restorative dental treatments to restore the function and appearance of your smile.

What Are Restorative Dental Treatments?

Restorative dental treatments are dental treatments designed to repair a damaged tooth or replace a missing tooth. This includes everything from fillings to dental implants. Crowns, onlays, inlays, and dentures are all considered restorative dental treatments as well.

What Are the Different Types of Restorative Dental Treatments?

There are three basic types of restorative dental treatments. There are treatments that repair damaged teeth, those that restore lost tooth structure, and those that replace missing teeth. Our Cerritos office offers all three types of restorative dental treatments.

Restorative Repair Treatments

Restorative dental treatments that repair damaged teeth include fillings and dental bonding treatments. These are the most basic and most common type of restorative dental treatments.

Restorative Structural Treatments

These restorative dental treatments restore teeth by replacing lost structural elements to strengthen the tooth. Crowns, inlays, onlays, and some fillings all fall into this category. These procedures are much more extensive than a basic filling and often require multiple office visits to complete.

Restorative Replacement Treatments

If a tooth is missing, the only types of restorative dental treatments possible are those that replace it or span the gap left by the missing tooth. Treatments that fall under this category include bridges, dental implants, and partial or complete dentures. Naturally, these are the most extensive restorative dental treatments and require more time at our Cerritos office. Some of them, such as bridges, incorporate structural treatments as well.

Restorative Dental Treatments Cerritos CA
Restorative Dental Treatments in Cerritos CA

How Do I Know Which Type of Restorative Dental Treatment Is Right for Me?

The best restorative dental treatment for you depends on the nature of the damage or injury your tooth has incurred. When you have a consultation at Dentist of Cerritos, the doctor will examine your teeth and make recommendations for treatments based on your unique situation.

What Happens if I Choose Not to Get Restorative Dental Treatments for My Teeth?

Your teeth unfortunately can’t restore themselves. If you choose not to restore your teeth, the damage can worsen over time. Decay will grow worse until the tooth either needs a root canal or has to be removed.

Other types of damage will slowly weaken the tooth until it cracks or chips. At that point, the tooth will need more extensive restoration or removal.

The best, most effective, and cheapest way to restore your teeth is to do it as soon as a problem is discovered, as delay will only make the problem worse.

How Do I Care for My Restorative Dental Treatments?

Most don’t require any special care. Practice good oral hygiene and visit the Cerritos office twice a year for your routine cleanings. Your provider will be sure to let you know if your restorative dental treatment needs any special care.

How Much Do Restorative Dental Treatments Cost in Cerritos?

The cost of restorative dental treatments depends on a variety of factors. These include the tooth or teeth affected, the extent of the damage, the type of restorative dental treatment needed, and the materials chosen. Your dental insurance and the coverage it provides for restorative dental treatments will determine your out-of-pocket expense as well.

When you have a consultation at the Cerritos office, the staff will determine your cost based on your customized treatment plan and go over all of your expenses. They can also discuss financing options with you.

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