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Dental Technology Cerritos, CA

The world of dentistry is in constant change as new dental technology is introduced to increase patient comfort and convenience.

At Dentist of Cerritos, we take pride in keeping up with the most innovative dental technology, providing our patients with more accurate diagnoses, customized treatments and the greatest comfort.

Is Dental Technology Important for Patient Care?

The world of dentistry is ever-changing with modern dental technology. Keeping up with these advancements has allowed our dentists to continually provide the best dental care in Southern California, as well as improve the comfort and convenience for our patients.

When you’re a patient at Dentist of Cerritos, you can expect the latest technologies in evaluating, diagnosing and treating dental issues, including:

  • Digital Imaging
  • Air Abrasion
  • Dental Lasers
  • 3D Printing

What is Digital Imaging?

Digital imaging uses sensors (wireless or wired) to capture pictures of the mouth, gums, and teeth so dentists can evaluate dental issues and recommend proper treatment.

Dentist of Cerritos loves digital imaging because it helps our patients see oral issues firsthand and better understand any recommended treatments.

Innovative Dental Technology Cerritos CA
Innovative Dental Technologies Cerritos CA

What are Digital X-Rays?

In the past, images of teeth were captured using film x-rays, which is a much longer process that utilizes toxic chemicals to develop the film’s images.

Digital x-rays, on the other hand, provide dentists with instant images that are highly detailed and can be viewed on a computer screen. This gives dentists the ability to accurately and efficiently diagnose some of the following conditions:

  • Teeth and filling fractures
  • Infections
  • Abnormal positioning of tooth roots
  • Tooth decay that has developed between teeth
  • Tumors and cysts

Digital x-rays take very little time (usually under a minute) and emit significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays, making it a safer and more comfortable process.

What is an Intraoral Camera?

Intraoral cameras are small enough to fit inside the mouth and capture images that are extremely precise and clear. The images give our dentists the ability to see details that would have otherwise gone undetected, resulting in faster and more accurate diagnoses.

The images from intraoral cameras are saved to our computers, serving as a permanent record of sorts. We can print and share images with patients, insurance companies, labs or other medical specialists that assist with patient treatment.

What Is Air Abrasion?

For those who don’t like the whirring sound of a drill, air abrasion is a modern alternative. Air abrasion is a drill-less dental technology that works much like a sandblaster, gently blasting away tooth decay and even removing small cavities with a pressurized stream of non-toxic particles. Air abrasion is also effective at whitening teeth, by removing discoloration and stains.

Patients experience less noise, heat, sensitivity and vibrations. This procedure is safe, fast and usually requires no anesthesia.

What Are Dental Lasers?

Laser dentistry can be used in place of drills, when applicable. Our lasers emit light energy that can be used to whiten teeth, perform biopsies, remove lesions, reshape gums and remove tooth decay.

A major benefit of using dental lasers is their precision. Dentists can often preserve larger amounts of a patients’ teeth while performing cavity removals.

Innovative Dental Technology Cerritos CA
Printing Dental Technology Cerritos CA

What is 3D Printing?

The dental industry has been revolutionized by the introduction of 3D printing technology. It can be used in a variety of ways to optimize patient care.

Orthodontic Appliances

Do you have issues like teeth grinding or misaligned teeth? 3D printing can be used to create night guards, mouth guards, retainers and aligners (such as Invisalign®) to help alleviate discomfort and help you achieve the best smile possible.

After scanning a patient’s teeth, we use special software to generate a 3D model which is then used to design retainers and guards to precise specifications.

For aligners, we adjust the model to fit what a patient’s teeth will look like after being realigned, and create aligners based on the adjustments. 3D printing makes this process highly accurate and quick.

One Day Dental Crowns

Creating crowns with 3D printing is easier, faster and more affordable than the traditional method. Our dentists simply scan the broken tooth and then create your crown in under 30 minutes, using specialized equipment.

A process that would usually take weeks to complete, can now be done in less than 60 minutes.

How Can Our Advanced Dental Technology Help Your Smile?

With the newest advances in dental tech, there’s no need to avoid the dentist anymore. From lasers to digital x-rays to clear aligners, your next dental checkup can be a much more pleasant experience than many patients think.

Committed to delivering the very best dental care to the Southern California area, Dentist of Cerritos prioritizes innovative technology in our offices.

Experience the Best Dental Technology Available in Cerritos!

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