What Are Dental Bridges?

What Are Dental Bridges?

Do you have missing teeth? It happens to a lot of people. You can lose teeth for any number of reasons, from accidents to decay. Would you like to restore your smile by replacing them? Dentist of Cerritos can help.

A dental bridge can replace the missing tooth or teeth, restore proper functionality, and give you back your smile. No one will be able to tell that you have missing teeth! Come into our Cerritos office today for a consultation.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is used to span the gap created by a missing tooth or teeth. A dental bridge can be used to span one missing tooth or several. To get a dental bridge, you must have healthy teeth on at least one side of the gap, preferably both sides.

A dental bridge is created by cementing a pontic (false tooth) in the place of each missing tooth. The pontic is supported by crowns on the healthy teeth at either end of the gap. The bridge is crafted to match the color of your natural teeth, and once it’s in place no one but a dentist will be able to tell that you’re missing any teeth.

What Are the Types of Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges come in three basic types. The traditional dental bridge is most common, while the cantilever and Maryland dental bridges are used for special circumstances. Your dentist at our Cerritos office will be able to explain what your options are and recommend the best bridge for your situation.

Traditional Dental Bridges

This is the most common dental bridge and is the one described above. It requires a healthy tooth on either side of the gap. The bridge can be made out of ceramics, porcelain, or porcelain and metal. Crowns must be created and placed on the teeth on either side of the gap as part of the procedure.

Cantilever Dental Bridges

A cantilever dental bridge is sometimes an option for people who only have a tooth on one side of the gap. This type of dental bridge is most commonly used to replace missing back teeth. In this type of bridge, the pontic is connected to a crown on the single tooth next to the gap.

Maryland Dental Bridges

This type of dental bridge is also known as a resin-bonded bridge. It’s used to replace missing front teeth. A Maryland dental bridge is created from either ceramics or porcelain fused to metal and is supported by a metal framework. It’s bonded to the remaining teeth on either side of the gap using wings.

What’s the Procedure for Getting a Dental Bridge?

The first step is coming into our Cerritos office for a consultation. Your doctor will examine you and determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for a dental bridge and which type would be best. The procedure itself requires two visits.

On the first visit, the dentist will first reshape the abutment teeth on either side of the gap to make room for the crowns. Next, the doctor will take impressions or a digital scan of the area and send it to a dental laboratory. This lab will create both crowns and the pontic(s) and send them back to the office.

The doctor will create a temporary dental bridge for you to wear to protect your teeth while you wait for the lab to finish making your permanent dental bridge. Installing the temporary bridge will complete your first appointment.

After your permanent dental bridge arrives, you’ll return for a second visit. Your doctor will remove the temporary dental bridge and install the permanent one. The doctor will make certain it fits well and perform any adjustments necessary to make it comfortable. That’s it -your dental bridge will be complete.

What Happens if I Choose Not To Get a Dental Bridge?

If you choose not to get a dental bridge, the extra space in your jaw will allow your remaining teeth to shift out of position over time. This could lead to bite problems, jaw pain, and difficulty chewing. You may also be uncomfortable with the way your smile looks.

Will a Dental Bridge Make It Hard To Eat?

Absolutely not. Quite the opposite, in fact, because replacing the missing teeth will make it easier to chew.

What Will a Dental Bridge Do to My Speech Patterns?

You shouldn’t notice any change if you have a bridge placed on your back teeth. If you’re missing front teeth, however, replacing them with a dental bridge will make it easier for you to speak and be understood.

How Do I Take Care of My Dental Bridge?

Your dental bridge doesn’t require any special care. Care for it as you would your natural teeth. Good oral hygiene is important for the health and longevity of both your remaining teeth and your dental bridge. Eat a balanced diet, brush twice a day, and floss and use mouthwash once a day. Be sure to come in every six months for your cleanings. This will maximize the life of your new dental bridge.

How Long Does a Dental Bridge Last?

Dental bridges are long-lasting solutions to missing teeth. Your bridge should last at least 10 years if you take care of your teeth and have your cleanings performed regularly. If your bridge comes loose, your dentist can usually reattach it with new cement.

Are There Any Alternatives to Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are the most common replacement for missing teeth, but they’re not the only one you can choose. You can also choose to get partial dentures or to have dental implants. The staff at our Cerritos office can answer any questions you might have about these alternatives.

How Much Does a Dental Bridge Cost?

The cost of your dental bridge will depend on the type of dental bridge you need, its location, how many teeth it needs to span, and the materials it will be made from. The cost will also depend on what type of dental insurance you have and how much of the procedure it will cover.

When you come into the Cerritos office for your consultation the staff will draw up an estimate for you and contact your insurance to determine your coverage. They will then go over the total cost and your out-of-pocket expenses and can talk to you about financing options if you wish.

Ready To Get Your New Dental Bridge?

We can help. Our providers have many years of experience with all three types of bridges. We help all of our patients achieve their best, most perfect smiles. Come see us and get started fixing your smile today.

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