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Your Guide to Eating Halloween Candy with Braces

Halloween night is quickly approaching. Along with all the costumes and trick-or-treating your Dentist of Cerritos team knows that the thing most children look forward to is the candy! But if your child has braces, navigating the ins and outs of Halloween candy can be tricky. There are some candies your child can definitely enjoy, but some they will need to miss out on for now. To help you and your child choose which treats to eat and which to pass on please look through this handy guide.

What Are the Basics of Eating with Braces?

If your child has braces you are quickly learning that some foods are braces-friendly while others are definitely not. When braces are first put on or after an adjustment they can make teeth a little sensitive. During this time it is most helpful to eat soft foods and stick with foods and drinks that are cool or cold.

Hard, sticky, or chewy foods can cause damage to braces brackets or wires. Biting directly into a whole food, like an apple, can also easily damage braces. Some foods, like nuts or popcorn, can get caught up in the hardware of braces and become uncomfortable or irritating.

What Halloween Candy is Safe to Eat with Braces?

While the choices may be more limited than normal, there are still plenty of great options for eating candy at Halloween. Here is a list of some of the best Halloween candy to eat while wearing braces:

While these candies are generally considered to be safe for braces wearers, it is important to remember that anything that feels sticky or chewy should be eaten extra slowly and carefully. Any candy that is large and requires being bitten into, like a candy bar, is best cut into bite-size pieces first.

What Halloween Candy is NOT Safe to Eat with Braces?

While it may be hard to stop your child from eating these Halloween treats, just remember that any of these candies can easily lead to an emergency orthodontist visit. Candies that are hard, chewy, sticky, crunchy, or contain nuts or popcorn should all be avoided as they can cause damage to braces. Check out this list to see which candies your child should NOT eat while wearing braces.

Remember that sticky foods like taffy or caramel can easily get stuck in braces. This can cause brackets to loosen or even pop off. Hard foods can also cause brackets to pop off teeth. Hard candies, chips and nuts can cause wires to break or get stuck in hardware. All of these issues are usually cause for an emergency visit to your Dentist of Cerritos orthodontist and not a great way to spend Halloween.

Are There Other Treats That Can Be Enjoyed with Braces?

In addition to candy there are plenty of other treats that can be enjoyed while wearing braces. Drinks like apple cider or cocoa with marshmallows are great for getting into the holiday spirit and keeping warm while trick-or-treating. Cakes or cupcakes are soft to eat and easy to clean from braces. Jell-o is also a good candy alternative. Don’t forget that pudding and ice cream can be both tasty and soothing treats for anyone suffering from the initial attachment or recent adjustment of braces.

Is There a Limit to How much Candy Can be Eaten with Braces?

While braces will not limit how much candy your child eats, their stomach certainly might. Too much candy can cause a stomachache and the sugar from sweets can cause cavities and tooth decay. Limiting sugary foods is an important part of dental health every day, including Halloween.

How Should Braces be Cleaned After Eating Halloween Candy?

Effectively cleaning braces and teeth is essential for oral health. Brackets and wires can easily trap food and sugars which gives the bacteria in the mouth plenty of fuel for creating acid. The acid created from these bacteria causes tooth decay and cavities. To avoid these issues it is important to practice good oral hygiene and thoroughly clean teeth and braces, especially after eating sugar laden foods.

Here are tips to effectively clean teeth and braces after Halloween:

Now that you know how to navigate the seas of Halloween candy with braces it is time to go out and have a spooky, fun-filled holiday. If in doubt about any Halloween candies or treats just give our office a call. We are happy to help you make the best decisions for the smiles you love.

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